Semantics = SEMANTIXS™


Google is constantly changing the algorithms that drive its popular search engine. In fact, since its inception, Google has actively tried to incorporate the science of semantics into the way it scores and ranks web pages. Based on numerous patents filed by Google, we know that today semantics lies at the very heart of the Google search algorithms – and that can have a profound effect on the way Google sees your website.


Old search optimization techniques relied on establishing your preferred key words, sprinkling them generously throughout your site, creating some key site links and publishing the content.

It is simply not that simple anymore.


To play under the new rules you need to understand the nuances of semantic search, faceted search results, integration of the 350 million+ word “Knowledge Graph” into the search process, word entity relationships, semantic clustering, keyword density rules and word breakage conventions to name just a few. It is not SEO like you used to know it. It is SEO on steroids.


If you don’t understand the new rules and semantic search capabilities, you risk losing market share to your competitors.




We have assembled a team of experts that understands the dynamics of the constantly changing search engine landscape. Our research and development team has studied and tested websites and how they rank as the major search engines change their semantic algorithms.


Our proprietary semantic search optimization program is called SEMANTIXS™. It sits on top of existing SEO efforts and works seamlessly with well-constructed existing websites.


It provides Google and other major search engines with what they are looking for – content, semantic relevance and linked integrity. But, best of all, it provides you with what you need – more website views, more online inquiries and ultimately, more customers!